ProAutos Service
16 Jan 2020

This service is dedicated to automotive professionals.

You are a short or long term rental company, car manufacturer, this service is made for you.

EVENDIS supports rental companies in their daily problems of delivery or recovery of cars.
We intervene at the key stages of the life of a Leasing or LLD contract between your client and you.

  • At the start of the contract: our conveyors deliver your customers’ new vehicles all over Europe. They ensure the delivery of these and have a delivery slip signed.
  • At the end of the contract: our conveyors collect the vehicles, have the restitution certificates signed and transfer these vehicles to your various storage sites.
  • In the event of renewal, our teams ensure the delivery of your client’s new vehicle and the recovery of the old one, using the same operating procedures.
  • A litigation, a procedure: EVENDIS collects vehicles from companies, bailiffs or private individuals. We ensure the advance costs and the repatriation of vehicles to your storage areas.


For short-term rental companies, EVENDIS offers tailor-made solutions to ensure the delivery of vehicles between your different agencies or storage sites.
We also offer a delivery and recovery service for your rented vehicles to companies or individuals. We then ensure the “departure” and “return” inventory. We also suggest that you re-prepare these vehicles before their return to the agency, thus enabling faster rental.

EVENDIS supports car manufacturers who are always concerned with providing the best quality of service to their customers and communication media.

  • Our conveyors ensure the delivery of your new or used vehicles directly to your customers. They ensure the handover of the vehicle and handle the last administrative steps with your client.
  • They ensure the transfers of your cars between your different sites.
  • EVENDIS take care of the logistical management of your press fleet. Our teams manage vehicle loans, draw up contracts, coordinate the planning of car entrances and exits, organize maintenance and washing. Our specialized teams, previously trained, will present your vehicles to employees and ensure their promotion.

A set of services that will increase your results by remobilizing all your means on your core business.


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